Respite Care

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I am a business man and my work requires me to travel a lot. Admist this sometimes I have to leave my mother alone at home. Due to her age it used to become difficult for my mother to manage everything alone. This lead me to research about the respite care of elderly in India, and I came across NEMA elder care. Their facilities of respite for elderly in India are very efficient and has helped me a lot in taking care of my mother. According to me for respite care in India NEMA elder care provides the best service.
Anu Chauhan

Mrs. Anu Chauhan

My father met with car accident a year ago and has not been keeping well since then. He was not allowed to go out of the city, So when i had to leave the city for a few weeks i started looking for respite care in India. That's when my friend told me about NEMA elder care. With their different types of respite care for elderly in India programs, it helped me a lot in managing my work and home life.
Mr Anurag Jain

Mr. Anurag Jain

A few years ago my husband and father in law met with an accident. Since then my father in law has been bed ridden. A few months ago i came across NEMA care's respite care in India. And I realised gone are those days with limited facilities for adult care. Respite care for elderly in India has improved a lot in last few years and NEMA care is a perfect example for that. They have different programs for respite care for elderly in India, which proved to be a great help for my father in law.
Mr Manisha khatri

Mrs. Manisha Khatri