Palliative Care

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Palliative care in India programs have really improved in last few years, NEMA care is a great example of that. A few years ago my friend's father was diagnosed with blood cancer and her family was really affected by that. That time while looking for palliative care in India programs she came across NEMA care. Their palliative care in India services proved to be very helpful for her father as well as her family.
Anu Chauhan

Mrs. Anu Chauhan

When someone is diagnosed with a life threatning disease, they tend to get anxiety and depression issues about the same. The same thing happened to me when I was diagnosed with brain tumor. I came to know about palliative care in India programs from one of my friend. That's how i got to know about the Palliative care in India program of NEMA elder care. This palliative care in India program provided a great support to me during my illness time.
Mr Anurag Jain

Mr. Anurag Jain

A few years ago I had no knowledge of Palliative care in India program. But when my grandmother got diagnosed with servere heart disease, she lost her appetite and became very distressed. That time i got to know about NEMA care India program. This palliative care in India program helped my grandmother to explore her beliefs and values. These type of facilities of giving someone emotional support under palliative care in India program were very beneficial for her during that time.
Mr Manisha khatri

Mrs. Manisha Khatri