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NEMA takes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and rehabilitation, based on a comprehensive assessment of all cases, preventive geriatrics. NEMA care team shall provide customized care plans for substantial improvement in the quality of elderly life which might change as needs change. Comfort needs to be maximized without compromising on elder’s dignity, privacy, independence, and personal preferences.

NEMA offers a community of like-minded seniors in a continuing care retirement home (CCRH) full of unmatched amnesties & care, care supported by well-trained healthcare professionals, empaneled doctors, and associated hospitals.

Hear From Our Family

Our Happy Residents

On our search to find a good old age home in India for my 90 year mother, we came across Nemacare. It is one of the finest old age homes in the country with all facilities in-house. It is located in the posh area of india with professionally trained nurses and staff. My mother is also extremely satisfied with the care being provided to her.
Geriatric Care India

Mrs. Anu Chauhan

NEMA provides the best Geriatric Care India. They are very concerned about the regular medications and exercises. They use a very caring and loving approach for the treatment. All the elders there are handled with utmost safety and respect. My mother has been there when I was not in the country. She loves the care provided there. They are best to approach for geriatric care India. All the staff and medical care takers are very responsible and active. Best place for elders.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Sahil

The residents feel at home and at peace. They enjoy the extra activities and the companionship at Heart Is. The residents find life long friends and enjoy the things they have in common and being with people in their own age group. It is the best place for the old generation as they provide the best service. Best geriatric Care India.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Aashutosh

We want some Geriatic Care India for my father as suggested by the doctor. My father was very ill and needed considerate care. Our doctor preferred NEMA. I was very unsure about leaving my father to strangers for care but they proved me wrong. They provide excellent Geriatric Care India. I couldn’t get better than this. They provide all sorts of luxury facilities and services. There was a very healthy and safe environment. The care was seen in my father’s improving health. Loved NEMA’’ Care. It is highly recommended.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Vishal Singh

The best place for Geriatric Care India is very difficult to find but I found it. NEMA provides the best Geriatric Care India. They provide the best environment one cannot find anywhere else. They provide on time regular checkups, medical assistance, luxury room, medical facilities, exercises, therapies, yoga sessions, etc under one roof. One can trust them blindly. They are very responsible and caring.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Shekhar Saini

Nemacare is doing a wonderful job as an old age home in India. With all facilities available in house with on site guard and professional nurses, it has outdone itself in looking after elders. My mother has been living for a few months now and she settled in so well due to warm care being provided to her. Thanks Nemacare for all your help.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Anurag Jain

After exploring various old age homes in India, I came across Nemacare. Nemacare is an advanced old age home in India with spectacular facilities which are old-age friendly. Their staff is extremely professional and warm. My father has been living there for a little over a year and I must admit he has never been happier and settled in.
Geriatric Care India

Mrs. Manisha Khatri

Staff and employees at this facility are wonderful and go beyond what is required of them. The food is delicious and carefully prepared, very pleasing to the eye and palate. The whole facility is beautiful and they take pride in the maintenance of the interior and exterior as well. Providing the best generic care India.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Aabhas

Very nice location, friendly staff, great planned community activities. Encourages independence. On site chef allows one to customize the daily menu to a large degree. One of the best Generic Care India providing the best services.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Kamlesh

Nemacare specializes in providing geriatric care India. My grandpa is about 72 years old and he loves spending time with his friends that he made in this senior living community. Also, he introduced us to his friends.
Geriatric Care India

Mrs. Rachna Singh

I would never be thankful enough to Nema Eldercare for providing excellent geriatric care India. My mother needed a lot of care and attention that we were not able to provide her at home since both of us husband and wife are working. Nema Eldercare is taking care of her and we meet my mother regularly every weekend.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Prince Pranav

My children stay abroad and I was staying alone in a high-rise in Gurgaon. It was very difficult for me to manage everything alone. Being an older guy, the strength diminishes and slowly it becomes hard to take care of yourself. My friend suggested me to be a part of Nema Eldercare and now, I am happy with their high-quality geriatric care India to an old man like me.
Geriatric Care India

Mr. Akash