Why Assisted Living In India Is A Growing Trend?

Why Assisted Living In India Is A Growing Trend?

assisted living in IndiaIn earlier times, the retirement homes were the unheard concept in India. But now, our society has evolved, things that seemed to be far-fetched possibility has now turned into reality. Many people from India move abroad to build careers and homes as our country has opened up its economy to the world. The empty nest syndrome was once only restricted to the western countries, now has taken over our Indian senior citizens as well. Joint families are slowly breaking into nuclear families. It is inevitable that assisted living in India is gradually being accepted.

We have been conditioned in a way that we considered retirement homes to be a place where old age people stay as orphans, who have nobody to take care of them. But thanks to Nema Eldercare for a breakthrough this social stigma on retirement homes and bringing the brilliant concept of luxury living for the senior citizens. These modern retirement homes are not at all like any row of rooms with common bathrooms.

The increasing number of nuclear families in India has increased the number of retirement homes in India. The modern age of retirement home offers assisted living in India with care and homely feeling. As you age, the immune system of your body becomes weaker. When you are aged and down with an illness, you need someone to take care of yourself. You also become prone to diseases like arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and others. If you do not have somebody around to take care of, these diseases could convert into a serious condition. At retirement homes like NemaElderCare, you can get a treatment in a homely environment. Also, you get to make new friends of similar age groups from different backgrounds.

assisted living in IndiaNowadays, most senior citizens are opting for assisted living in India. Instead of, living with their children or staying alone in the apartment, they prefer moving into a retirement home. You can enjoy living independently with little assistance among the people of your age group. This helps to make most out of your retirement in your golden years.

In an assisted living facility like NemaElderCare, senior citizens move to a community or complex that is especially created for the senior citizens. It has all of the possible facilities and amenities that are required by the people at their retiring age.

The retirement homes with assisted living have multiple benefits for the elders and these are:

No need to worry about housekeeping: It is very difficult for an old age person to perform activities like cleaning the house and bathrooms. Most times they get easily irritated with housing errands. A big thanks to the retirement homes that offer assisted living facilities to the senior citizens. It helps them with an opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life.

assisted living in IndiaHelp with day to day activities: Old age people who are not physically or mentally fit, needs assistance with their day to day activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, walking, and toileting. They should consider getting themselves enrolled in retirement homes with assisted living. They have well-trained professionals who assist the old age people with these tasks.

Usually, the retirement homes were maintained by charitable trusts and organizations. Their interest was to ensure to meet the basic requirements of the senior citizens. However, the new age of retirement homes with assisted living in India, like Nema Eldercare, are designed to provide an active lifestyle to the senior citizens. The complex has medical facilities, meals, parks, and other facilities that help them to enjoy an independent life after retirement.

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