What Does Luxury Old Age Homes In Delhi NCR Have To Offer?

What Does Luxury Old Age Homes In Delhi NCR Have To Offer?

Luxury Old Age Homes In Delhi NCR When Ashish Gupta, a Cardiologist in the United States of America, heard about his parents that they are planning to move to the senior living community, he was horrified. He immediately came back to India and asked his parents to stay with him in the USA, which they refused. They had no plans to move out of India and Ramit was upset with it, because he felt his parents think that he was unable to take care of them.

But when he visited the senior living community, where his parents were planning to move, he completely understood the fact that why they made such a decision.

“The concepts and planning were simply brilliant and amazing, how they tried to understand every possible need of the older people,” says Ashish. “The apartments were well planned, complex full of fun activities, and a cheerful environment made this place nothing like a typical old age home.”

Old age has always been aligned with slowing down, but this statement doesn’t stand fit for many senior citizens. People who are healthy and still active even post their retirements and exploring new ways to celebrate life, fulfilling their old hobbies and passions while remaining independent.

Luxury Old Age Homes In Delhi NCR The old age homes are changing, they are more like luxury old age homes for the people in their golden years. These luxury old age homes in Delhi NCR offer both independent and assisted living. Independent living is suitable for people who have just retired and still physically active. They can perform their daily activities on their own and don’t require much assistance. Whereas, assisted living caters to the people who need assistance with their daily routine and medical requirements.

What Facilities Does These Luxury Old Age Homes Have To Offer?

• Medical care: These old age homes are specialized projects, their prime focus is on the needs of the old age people, mainly medical care. These old age homes help in arranging appropriate healthcare needs for every resident. The assistance in luxury old age homes in Delhi NCR, like NemaElderCare, is provided by the trained nursing professional staff and care attendants.

• Meals: The resident gets 3 meals a day. The meal plans are made by the nutritionists and are usually based on the residents’ choices or as per their health requirements. The meals are served at the common dining area and these are already included in your packages.

Luxury Old Age Homes In Delhi NCR • Homelike comfort: The senior living communities like NemaElderCare offers the comfort of your home and it is the biggest factor that they are completely different from the traditional old age homes. The makers believe that their facilities should not look like an old age home, instead, people should feel at home.

• Fitness and fun activities: A good park to walk around, gymnasium, yoga sessions, dance sessions, outings, social interaction, and much more to keep you healthy and active.

• Safety and security: A safe and secure environment for senior citizens is also a primary task for these luxury senior living communities. It is important at their age that they stay comfortably in a safe environment.

NemaElderCare is the best luxury old age home in Delhi NCR. Nema is boutique in nature and offers a high quality of life with the comfort of your home, medical attention of the hospital, and conviviality of a resort.

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