What does it mean to have a luxury senior living in India?

What does it mean to have a luxury senior living in India?

Nema Old Age Home

A typical middle-class person works hard all his/her life as an employee, or building a business is an extremely difficult business environment of India. One pays taxes of approximately 30% of his/her earnings to the government, survives in 40 % of his/her salary, and saves 30% for his/her retirement on an average. In this 40% of the expenses, one pays for house rental, children’s education, transport, and running of his/her household. It’s difficult for one to have a luxury of senior living in India. One cannot expect any support coming from government in his/her old age, unlike western countries where tax may be high, but healthcare and old age support exists. We can’t criticize the government too, as it has many mouths to feed and direct taxpayers will never be its priorities for obvious reasons! This direct tax-paying middle-class is not more than 2.5% of India’s population. It must fend for itself.

Now, when one retires or before, one has to buy a house of his/her own to stay after retirement. This will eat a significant chunk of his/her savings. The real value that one receives upon purchase of real estate is barely 55% of what one pays for, as 45 % or more is tax component in one way or another. One plans to gift this house to his/her children. But, in most cases, they don’t appreciate it. They prefer building a life of their own and this house may not be at the location of their job.Nema Care

The need of being a part of senior living community in India comes into a mind when one is tight on funds for his/her health and mostly has an empty nest with children settled elsewhere. Few would have lost one of their partners too. One has to struggle with the burden of running a household with irregular house-helps. One is fearful and unsecured, registering oneself with various elder agencies who may help in case of any mishap.

NEMA Eldercare presents another way of life, one of the finest senior living communities in India, where one leads a rich life full of social relevance, personal independence, and entertainment. One need not purchase a house as it has no value for his/her children. Children prefer inheriting cash or gold! There is no need to pay EMIs or ever-increasing facility management charges. One can shift to NEMA’s Private Luxury Senior Living homes in India, where one pays monthly lease & service charges that include almost everything that one needs. In NEMA old age home, one becomes a part of the senior living communities in India and leads a community life in the company of likeminded elders. One has a company and is safe & secure. One gets sumptuous meals of his/her choice, housekeeping, and laundry. Not only this, but Nema care provides 24X 7 nurses and care attendants support who are professionally trained to assist if one ever needs.Luxury Senior Living in India

NEMA Eldercare is India’s first elder care company proving Continued Care Retirement Homes (CCRH). A concept home that is a very popular sought after facility in the western world.

As one age, healthcare needs increase. One can begin to stay in NEMA Care Elder home as part of our Independent living program where one gets no specific medical support but enjoys all other in-built services. Typically, it suits an elder between the ages of 60 to 70. For at this age, one is generally fit and can cater to his/her daily necessities. As one ages, one may need more medical support and could shift to NEMA assisted-living program. Here, one gets the support of a dedicated care attendant in the ratio dictated by his/her specific health conditions. NEMA healthcare staff heartily supports if one/she ever needs hospitalization. Sincerely believing in the concept of ‘aging in place’, NEMA has all services that may be wanted by the elderly.

Apart from the comprehensive healthcare, living cost is the major botheration of an elderly. Now, if one purchases a house, say a modern apartment in Delhi NCR; a decent 3BHK apartment shall cost him in the range of 2.0 Crores or 20.0 million Indian rupees. Rental for such an apartment shall be approximately 45,000 per month, a return of mere 2.5% on capital deployed. Further, Taxation will take away 0.5% of this return, and

Senior Living Communities in India

 there will be expenses of maintenance, brokerages, and vacancy. In current state of economy, there may not be any price escalation of the property for a long time to come to adequately compensate for such low return. Another safe avenue to park these hard-earned funds is Banks. A possible return from fixed deposits for senior citizens is a bit higher than the standard normal. The senior could get up to Rs 100,000 per month from Rs 2.0 crores invested in banks, the fund that would have been spent in buying an apartment. The fund in banks is secure and liquid. Further, living expenses for an elderly couple in the said 3BHK apartment inclusive of facility management charges, electricity bills, groceries, and house-help (maids) shall not be less 40K to 50K per month. Justly compare these costs with living costs that NEMA Care homes offer. NEMA old age home shall be a lot more cost-effective solution apart from providing quality of life that one cannot expect by living independently in an isolated apartment.

NEMA old age home humbly offers an alternate way of active life, rich life of luxury Senior living in India. You have worked hard through your life and rightly deserve it.

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