The Refreshing Concepts of Old Age Home in India

The Refreshing Concepts of Old Age Home in India

Old age home in IndiaOld Age home in India does not leave any positive thoughts the moment we hear this term. Our Indian cinema is a major contributor to defame this concept in a direct or indirect way. Since the times are changing so are the concepts of old age homes. Now, the old age homes are more of a care partner in your golden years. They understand that you have spent most of your life in providing the best to your family and children, and it is your time and spend it the way you like it. Stay among the company of like-minded people, in the senior living community. Get involved in the activities. The primary focus of these elder care homes is to take care of you, your choices, your entertainment, and your safety and security.

Are you relaxed a bit now?

At Nema Eldercare, we do understand that you have worked hard all your life, now you deserve a little extra from it. We are not like any other old age home in India, where you just stay away from your family. We provide the best care homes that are boutique in nature and high on quality standards. We follow three C’s, the comfort of your home, care of a hospital, and conviviality of a resort. We strongly believe that the above mentioned three C’s are the basics for any eldercare home.

What Makes Nema Eldercare Special?

Nema Eldercare is the best old age home in India. It is designed by international architects with all of the elder amenities. The spacious and hygienic rooms of Nema Eldercare home are similar to the 4-star facility. The furniture and bathroom fittings are elder-friendly to make your golden era more comfortable. It has a big park and forest at the backside, and also, it is located in the greenest part of Gurgaon. Our trained staff of caregivers and healthcare professionals makes your life simple and enjoyable.Old Age home in India

Everyday Routine is Full of Life

Your everyday life is on your own terms. You can go to the park for morning or evening walks, learn and perform yoga, become a part of the happiest senior living community, and the best old age home in India. In Nema Eldercare, everyday life is a celebration be sitting with friends or getting involved in activities like dining, games, music, dance, exercises, yoga, and a lot more.

What Makes Us Different From The Others?

Nema Eldercare is just not any typical elder home. It is a luxurious way to spend your golden years happily without much of the worries. Nema Eldercare is the best old age home in India and it offers a wide range of services;

Independent living: Nema Eldercare’s offers you two types of independent living. One is that you can lease a room and second is that you can purchase a home in our senior living community setup. There is flexibility for you to choose a type of room, features based on your personal preferences.

Best Old Age home in IndiaAssisted living: Our assisted living services in the best old age home in India helps to improve the quality of your life with round the clock supervision, all meals in a group dining room, and personal care services such as bathing, dressing, toileting, etc. by the trained professionals.

Dementia care: Dementia is caused by dead brain cells. We at Nema Eldercare old age home in India offer dementia care services in three different ways, home care for dementia patients by trained professionals, care at NEMA old age homes, and respite care for the caregivers.

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Palliative care: Nema Eldercare home provides palliative care to the patients suffering from a serious illness. Our healthcare team works closely with the patient’s treating doctor to provide relief from the symptoms or side effects of the illness. We believe in improving not just the patients but their family’s life as well.

Respite care: It is a short term stay in the best old age home in India. If you are not a professional caregiver and have to move out of town for some work or leisure. Then you can arrange a short term stay of your parents with us, without depending upon the relatives, neighbours or friends. Our highly trained staff make them comfortable in the new environment.

Post-op care: It is very important at the elder age to take complete rest and care after an operation/ surgical treatment. The post-op care helps you with pain management and recover fast. The post-op care is available for the patients who had gone through Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Thoracic, or Oncology surgery.

Chronic condition care: Any serious illness over a period of six months is considered a chronic disease and it needs a higher level of medical attention. Our chronic condition care program helps you to maintain wellness, balance treatment regimes, and lowers the symptoms. Our healthcare team understands your medications and encourages you for having a positive attitude.

Daycare: Nema care provides daycare facilities as well. It allows you to spend your day time among the company of the fellow senior citizens or our resident family. This program keeps you occupied with the activities, book reading in a library, social interaction, meditation sessions, etc.

The refreshing concepts of old age homes are nothing like they used to be before. Now, you can choose the luxurious life for yourself with Nema Eldercare, the best old age homes in India. High-quality life with utmost care and support makes you feel better.

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