Reasons To Select Nema: Best Old Age Home In India

Reasons To Select Nema: Best Old Age Home In India

best old age home in IndiaYou have worked hard all your life and greatly managed your responsibilities, now it is time for you to think about your needs, comforts, and mental peace. The time has arrived for you to enjoy life the way you always wanted it to happen. Yes, your time is now to spend the rest of your life with privacy, dignity, a sense of self-respect, independence, safety and security.

At Nema’s best old age home in India, you have the freedom to live in a safe environment that almost takes care of all your needs. The premise and old age homes are designed by international architects to make your life comfortable along with personalized care and 24/7 medical help.

We completely understand that at senior age it becomes difficult to spend the time in a joyful, productive, and meaningful way, especially when you are alone in the house. Hence, Nema has created such a facility that offers the opportunities to pursue your old hobbies and passions that you have almost ignored over the years. We have the old age home in India that allows you to celebrate a hassle-free life in your golden years.

best old age home in IndiaResidential facilities offered by Nema ElderCare

We offer you the option to stay for a few days to as long as you wish to live in the facility. Short term stay is also known as respite care, it allows you to arrange a stay for your loved ones in a comfortable, safe and supervised environment, while you are away on a vacation or an official tour.

Residents who enroll themselves into the respite care program get to enjoy all of the amenities that are provided to the in-house residents, such as a fully furnished room, TV and satellite connection, meals, housekeeping, and laundry services, etc. We believe in fulfilling their days with meaningful activities in a safe and secure environment and personalized care to maintain their peace of mind.

Reasons That You May Select Nema Elder Home In India

  1. You are thinking about moving to a senior living community at Nema’s best old age home in India, but you wish to experience it completely before taking a decision.
  2. Your parents got discharged from a hospital after having surgery and you can opt for the post op surgical care program. You can be assured that they will be taken care of by the certified experts and it will help them recover faster.
  3. Your loved ones receive a sense of self-respect, independence, fun-filled activities and so much that they may choose to stay longer in the senior living community of Nema ElderCare.

best old age home in IndiaAt our old age home, your individuality is not compromised. Our fully-furnished elder homes have ample amount of space for you to stack your personal belongings, such as photographs, books, etc. The homes are designed to cater to the needs of senior citizens, such as safety grab bars in all washrooms, stairs and corridors, elder-friendly furniture, wheelchair ramps, wider elevators, etc. Your meal timings, walk in the park, nap timings and activity involvement, etc. are done as per your wish and your doctor’s recommendations.

Our goal is to offer you a friendly environment. Our staff is cherry-picked by us to treat you with dignity and respect. They are trained to provide you support but also encourage you for self-reliance.

With our combined efforts, we try to bring the best out of your life. At Nema ElderCare you can enjoy your golden years with its unique comprehensive hospitality and healthcare services in the luxurious homely environment.

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