Post Surgical Care In India By Nema

Post Surgical Care In India By Nema

post surgical care in IndiaThe word surgery makes us anxious, as it brings out the potential risks and complications associated with it. However, did you know that post surgical care in India is as important as the surgery itself, as it lower down the number of those risks and complications?

Why Is Post Surgical Care In India Is Important?

After surgery, you become prone to a number of infections and complications related to the surgery, like bleeding or blood clotting at the surgery site or even respiratory problems.

Doctors recommend a post surgical or post op nursing care in India depending upon your condition, type of surgery and its success rate. Doctors advise for the immediate post operative nursing care in India and their periods and nature of recovery may vary.

There are two major factors involved with the post surgical care:

• Medical care: It is addressed by the professionally trained nurses.
• Assistance with daily activities: It is addressed either by a nursing attendant or the nursing aide, under the supervision of a professionally trained nurse.

post surgical care in IndiaPost-operative Nursing Responsibilities (Medical Care)

Post operative nursing responsibilities begin immediately after the surgery of the patient. The nurses play a crucial role post operative recovery phase.

• Preparing and transferring patients: The surgical nurses sutures the incisions and applies bandages to the operated area after the surgery. The patient is also transferred to the recovery room once their vital signs are normal, which are being monitored by the nurses.

• Patients monitoring: To monitor a patient is one of the roles of the nurse in post operative care. The patient is being monitored by the nurses after they are awakened from anesthesia. The nurses have limited patients at a time, therefore they can give undivided attention to their patients. They perform the following tasks to ensure that the patient remains stable after the post operation:
o Dressing and wound management
o Stitch removal
o Pain management
o Diet monitoring
o Bed sore care

• Addressing Complications/ symptom management: The post op nurses are trained to tackle any complications. They speak to the patient and make them comfortable. They help the patient to sit up, cough, and breath so that they prevent any chances of Pneumonia.

• Patient Education: The post-operative nursing care meet the patient and the family members and educate them about the pre and post effects of the anesthesia or any complications occur after the surgery.

post op nursing care in IndiaPost Operative Nursing Care Attendants Responsibilities (Assistance With Daily Activities)

Nursing care attendants work under the supervision of trained nurses and they assist patients with the following non-medical daily activities:

Daily assistance with feeding, personal grooming, bathroom activities
Vitals Monitoring and reporting any fluctuations to the supervising nurse
Help with oral medication
Medical companionship
Monitor basic body parameters such as blood pressure and sugar
Assistance with moving around and exercises

Lack of training and insufficient time, the family members are unable to take full-time care of the patient. Getting assistance in the form of nursing care and nursing attendant eases out the family members. Also, it ensures that the patients are getting all of the attention and care they need.

When selecting a nurse or nursing attendant for yourself or the people you care, always go for the reliable name such as NemaElder Care. Our post op nursing cares helps to recover them faster. With our post op care services you can be assured that you get the personalized care from the highly certified, trained professional nurses and nursing care attendants.

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