Post Op Nusrshing Care In India-NemaElderCare

Post Op Nusrshing Care In India-NemaElderCare

post op nursing care in India Once a patient has gone through a surgery, he/she needs special care. Every activity of the patient is needed to be looked after. The medicines are required to be given on time with the right amount of dose, regular guidance is a must for necessary breathing and physical exercise and many more activities are to be monitored. This complete management in India of all actions of the patient after a surgery is termed as post op nursing care in India or post surgical care in India

Need and purpose of postoperative nursing care in India

After surgery, a person is more prone to infections, allergies, and surgery-related complications. These problems can come in any form. It can be bleeding from the surgical spot, any respiratory issue, blood clot formation, sudden dehydration, etc. Post-surgery, doctors recommend specific care and precautions for the patient. Every patient is given a specific diet, medicines, exercise for optimum results after the surgery. In India, patients sometime do not take it seriously.  Postop nursing care in Indiais simply done for easy, comfortable, and faster recovery of the patient.

Who needs post-operative nursing care?

There are two kinds of surgeries given to the patient. The surgery depends on the type of disease, chronic disease, or non-chronic disease. Both the surgeries require post surgical care for better and quick recovery.

There are two types of surgeries:

Out-patient surgery

post surgical care in IndiaWhen surgery is performed for chronic diseases, it is termed as out-patient surgery. They are continuing diseases like diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis, etc. on the same day of admission. The patient does not need to stay overnight in the hospital for these surgeries. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, they need care for avoiding any kind of postoperative problems.

In-patient surgery

When surgery is performed for non-chronic diseases, they are termed as in-patient surgery. These surgeries require long term care afterward. Some of the surgeries may even need immediate post-nursing care. This care is very important for the patient to avoid any kind of mis-happening.

Benefits of post-surgical nursing care in India

The post surgical nursing care in India is beneficial for both, the surgeons as well to the patients.

Benefits to the surgeon:
It makes sure the compliance with post-operative orders and reduces post-operative complications.
It decreases the risk of sub-optimal surgical outcomes.
It saves the valuable time of the surgeon as it provides the patient with supporting and caring professional service.
It reduces the need of attending the same patients again and again, it helps doctors to concentrate better on other patients in need.
It increases the patient’s satisfaction with the doctor and their surgical experience. This further satisfies the surgeon and uplifts the reputation and trust in patients.

post surgical care in IndiaBenefits to the patient:
It decreases the nervousness in the patients, otherwise, they are all time concerned regarding the care and attention they require.
It offers a wide range of care to satisfy the patient to the fullest.
The support and care help the patient throughout his/her process of recovery.
It makes the complete process affordable for the patients as it reduces the need for hospitalization.
It reduces the need of visiting the hospital again and again for minor problems.
It is also seen that the patients feel more comfortable and sleep better when at home rather than at the hospital.
It builds the confidence and trust of the patient in their doctors.

Services offered in post op nursing care in India:

These nursing cares differs widely from a few days to many months. They are offered for both, immediate post op nursing care in India postoperative nursing care in India and long term post-operative nursing care in India. The main element in this nursing care is to reduce the healing time. The services offered are:

12-24 hours of nursing support by nurses with critical care training and nursing experience depending upon the need of care post-surgery.
Regular home visits by nurses required in mild surgeries.
The service of physiotherapy is also provided to the patients.
It also provides required equipment like a suction machine, monitor, hospital bed, oxygen cylinder, etc. as per the requirement.
In some critical cases, the professional nurse is also accompanied by an attendant. In such a case, the professional nurse looks after services like wound management, diet monitoring, patient counselling, pain management, etc. whereas the attendant looks after on things like oral medication, dressing of the wound, checking basic parameters(blood sugar, temperature, blood pressure), mobility exercises, etc.

So, post op nursing care in India should not be ignored by any post-surgery patient. The importance and need for this care should not be taken lightly. It is crucial to avoid any complications that can occur after surgery.

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