Post COVID Care: A Beacon of Hope in Today’s Trying Times

Post COVID Care: A Beacon of Hope in Today’s Trying Times

home careHave you ever had bad dreams or nightmares? Have you ever dream of monsters and ghosts chasing you while you are running for dear life!

The definition of nightmares has changed in today’s world. We are no longer worried about monsters, ghouls and ghosts invading our lives. Instead, it is the very thought of our loved ones, especially our elders getting COVID which scares the living daylights out of us!

COVID In the Elderly

We all know how COVID has brought the entire world to a standstill. In many nations like Italy and USA, the elderly population has been hit hard by the Corona virus. According to many studies, adults who are 60 or above are more likely to die from Corona as compared to the younger population.

Though the recovery rate in the general population has greatly increased in the last few months, a COVID infection is not an easy malady to deal with. It leaves problems like impaired lung function and a compromised immunity in its wake which creates more chances of a COVID relapse, particularly in the elderly population.

If we look at the incidences of relapse or recurrence of COVID-19 in the older population, we will find that most of them occurred due to a lack of care and precaution on the part of the elderly patients. In a typical scenario, after treatment and recovery, the elderly patient is sent back home to live with the family members.

Indian Scenario

In today’s nuclear family scenario, despite their best intentions to look after their elders, almost everyone has to either go to school or work to support the burgeoning expenses and maintain the standard of living. Long leaves and absence from work causes people to lose their jobs which is quite detrimental in a scenario where millions of people are already grappling with unemployment.

home careThe Problem

The elders who are already battling with fatigue and weakness are left to fend for themselves. Some of them even develop bedsores and other such problems which further impede their recovery and increase their stress levels. When they try to manage everything on their own, they are usually exposed to more incidences of asymptomatic or symptomatic COVID-19 which increases their chances of a viral reinfection. In such cases, recovery becomes a huge challenge for the elderly.

Caring for an ailing or a recently recovered elder is not an easy task in today’s times. Their pain and illness transforms them into cranky and demanding babies who need complete attention. This is a challenge for family members who is already hard pressed for time in their own lives and perhaps are even dealing with their own babies and children. The icing on the cake is the risk of getting infected by COVID 19 while caring for the elder. This also creates guilt and frustration in their minds since in the Indian culture, the child who cannot look after his/her parents is often termed as ‘ungrateful’ and ‘useless’.

The Solution

 It is not easy to see one’s parents suffer and grapple with a disease like COVID-19. The children are torn between the excessively demanding responsibilities of the job, home, spouse and their own children and the expectations of the world.

In such a scenario, Elder Care homes like Nema Eldercare have become a beacon of hope for people who are unable to take care of their recovering parents despite their best intentions. In case of COVID, the right kind of post-hospitalization care is critical to prevent a re occurrence or relapse which is usually fatal for the elderly in most cases. In these Elder Care homes, the patients who have recovered from COVID19 are treated with utmost care and precaution and have dedicated care attendants. Specially formulated diet plans which include nutritious food and adequate exercise help the elders to regain their health and vitality.

Regaining your health and vitality after recovering from COVID requires three months or more. Once they are well enough to go back, a care attendant accompanies them and lives with them for a month or two to help to rehabilitate them into their pre-COVID lifestyle. This smoothens the transition, lessens the pressure on the family members and completely obliterates the chances of a re occurrence of COVID-19.

palliative care Delhi NCRAn Afterword

Whether we like it or not, COVID has become a part of our lives and we have to deal with it in the best possible way. Protecting ourselves and our elders is the only solution to ensure that this phase in our lives passes without any disastrous consequences. As we struggle to maintain our jobs, families and sanity in these trying times, NEMA Elder care homes are perhaps the best bet for a stress-free complete recovery of our elders in their recovery and subsequent rehabilitation when it is about the fight against COVID 19.

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