Palliative Care In Delhi NCR – The Need Of The Hour

Palliative Care In Delhi NCR – The Need Of The Hour


Palliative Care In Delhi NCR There are more than 80% of the chances that we would be requiring palliative care in our last days. It acts as a bridge between serious disease and decent demise. When people get old, they suffer a lot with pain and other symptoms. The costs involved are so high that they can drain away the entire savings or ever countering debt.

Introduction To Palliative Care

It is hard for anyone to cope with a serious illness. There are chances that you might feel angry, scared, lonely, or sad. You might even feel that your treatment is of no use and it is doing more harm to you than good. You may even have lots of pain or other symptoms. Palliative care in Delhi NCR by NemaElderCare can help you and your loved ones to manage with all of these things.

Palliative care is for people who are severely ill. It is different from curative treatment (care to cure illness method). It focuses to improve the quality of your life, not just your body, but your mind and soul as well. Sometimes palliative care gets combined with the curative treatment.

The type of care you get depends on your requirements. Palliative care can help to reduce your pain or lower the symptoms of the illness. Palliative care also helps you and your loved ones to understand your illness more effectively, share your feelings more openly, or decide the type of treatment you wish to undergo. It acts as a communication port among your doctors, nurses, and family.

Palliative Care In Delhi NCR Why Would I Need Palliative Care InDelhi NCR?

NemaElderCare’s palliative care program listen to requirements that what is troubling you and what is important to you. We do understand that your illness affects you, as well as your family and loved ones. We try to make sure that your medical care meets with your body, mind, and spiritual needs. We also encourage you to make future plans in accordance with your medical care.

NemaElderCare’s palliative care focuses on treating people who are coping with serious illnesses, such as heart diseases, cancer, kidney disease, (COPD) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and many more. The symptoms may include pain, depression, fatigue, breathlessness, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

The team of palliative care spend time with you and communicate deeply. They explore your goals by understanding the treatment options and by giving you control over palliative care. They support you to regain your strength so that you can continue with daily routines and improve your quality of life.

Palliative Care In Delhi NCR Who All Are Involved In Palliative Care?

At NemaElderCare we work together with you, your other doctors, and your family. We spend most of our time by making necessary communications with you, your other doctors, and your family. Our core palliative care team includes doctors, trained nursing staff, and care attendants. Massage therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and others may also be a part of team Palliative care in Delhi NCR at NemaElderCare.

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