Nema Care – Home For Elders

Nema Care – Home For Elders

Senior Living Communities in IndiaA comfortable old age is a reward that you can get after a well-spent youth. Instead of being upset about its arrival, one should welcome their golden age as a new youth.

To convert this into reality for the senior citizens, Nema Care was conceptualized. Nema Care offers a comfortable stay with a luxurious lifestyle for the elders in one of the finest senior living communities in India.

Nema old age home is designed to give love and affection to its residents. It was designed by international architects while keeping in mind the different needs of the people. Therefore, it provides multiple staying options that suit everyone’s requirements. The living space of this luxury old age homes in India is equipped with all kinds of elder amenities and provides you the comfort of home. This old age home provides 24*7 care, medical facilities, and security to its residents to make their life completely stress-free and happy.

Senior Living Communities in IndiaThe dining and dietary plans are carefully designed by the in-house nutritionists keeping in mind the resident’s choices and their medical health conditions. The food is freshly prepared by the experienced chefs as daily meals and occasionally celebratory feasts. The company of your friends adds fun to the common dining area. The food is served hot in the buffet. Nema care believes that relationships are mutually built on trust and respect. The reason why people trust Nema Care comes from the proven past record and providing top-notch care and security to its residents.

Security features include:

  • CCTV surveillance to ensure the detection of any mishappening in the common areas.
  • A single main gate is constantly monitored by the professional guards, without invading the privacy of the elders.
  • Emergency call switches are installed in all living areas and washrooms.
  • Fire extinguishers, gas detection systems in the kitchen, and much more

It is very important to have a caring and friendly face to service. NemaElderCare has a friendly staff that works round the clock to provide a friendly atmosphere and home-like environment. The residents of this luxury senior living in India feel wonderful among the smiling faces of the supportive staff.

luxury old age homes in IndiaThe senior citizens not anymore are a part of the information age, now they are in their entertainment age. Anything that makes them happy, keeps them healthy too. Nema organizes a wide range of entertaining and engaging activities and celebrations on an occasion basis like Holi, Diwali, birthday celebrations, dancing, you just name it and it is done. Every face is a happy face at NemaElderCare and their smile proves that they are experiencing a peaceful and loving life. The activity is equipped with all sorts of indoor games to keep senior citizens engaged and happy. With all the health and fitness sessions under the supervision of a professional, Nema ensures that all residents are physically and mentally fit.

Nema also provides home care for the elderly in India. The home care services in Delhi NCR allows senior citizens with special needs to stay at their homes and get professional caregivers and nurses to take care of them. There are several types of caregivers available at Nema for all different purposes.

The elders feel like kings and queens of the paradise in NemaElderCare, as it offers them a comfortable and luxury old age homes in India. Nema is like a home away from the elders where they receive much-desired love and care they ask for.

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