Know how to take care of the elderly during Covid 19 pandemic, difficult times will pass.

Know how to take care of the elderly during Covid 19 pandemic, difficult times will pass.

Go for walk in the morning, do exercise and yoga, take a laugh and then come home and read the newspaper, get busy with daily activities. In the evening, once again, going out on the pretext of a walk and discuss the things of the country, the world and society. Listening to the news on TV and focusing on the sleep of the night. Eating and taking medicines on time. These are the activities elderly people follow every day.

They follow the same routine every day but now due to corona outbreak, they are at major risk. In such a situation, they are mentally scared and physically exhausted. In this situation, it has become even more difficult to handle them. But their courage and our intelligence will find its way out, the difficult times will pass and once again we will start living a normal life.

Who is most at risk from coronavirus?

The greatest risk of coronavirus is the elderly who are about 65 years of age or older. Senior citizens who have health-related problems, such as diabetes, lung disease, or heart-related diseases, and if elderly people with these problems suffer from coronavirus, they may develop life-threatening issues.

Here are some tips to keep elderly or senior citizens safe from coronavirus, read further to know.

Gather genuine information about COVID 19 and explain it to elderly people: Many rumours about coronavirus have been spread through WhatsApp and other social media tools due to which people are not able to understand the severity of this pandemic. You can get genuine information about coronavirus from the Government website and explain it in detail to the elderly and other people in your family to be careful. You can also ask them to take some safety precautions.

Need to increase immunity: The elders of our household are our heritage and at the moment they are more prone to corona infection. The immunity of the elderly is weak, so this virus can attack them easily. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to take physical care of the elderly to prevent the coronavirus. The most important thing is that the immune system of the elderly is well maintained.

Insecurities to be kept in mind: There was already some loneliness in the lives of elderly people. They were left behind in fast running society. And now that they have stopped meeting their friends, going to the park, they have become more lonely. They are feeling disconnected from society. At present, most of the family members are at home but they all are busy with their work. But they need to find the time else the elderly will start feeling lonely and fall in depression.

Know how to take care of the elderly during Covid 19 pandemic, difficult times will pass.

Tips for better handling of the elderly

1. Maintain effective communication with them.

2. Give them the same information that does not scare them in the fearful environment going on in society.

3. There should be no shortage of their essential goods.

4. Give them healthy food to maintain there immunity.

5. Ask for exercise and yoga.

6. Teach techniques but also inform them to be cautious of fake forwards.

So far there has not been much improvement in the condition of COVID-19 and its outbreak continues to increase worldwide. Due to the increasing effect of coronavirus, people are locked inside homes and praying for a healthy life for themselves and their loved ones. Coronavirus can occur to anyone but WHO has made it clear that the elderly are most at risk from this deadly disease. If you have elders in your house then you will definitely be worried to keep them safe.

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