How To Select A Senior Living Communities In India?

How To Select A Senior Living Communities In India?

There were times when senior citizens were taken care of within the joint family. The support of the family members and the helpers was used to taken care of the elders. However, the corporate world jobs for most of the couples have broken down the traditional model of joint families. It has given birth to a lot of nuclear families. The elders in the nuclear families are mostly taken care of either by the helpers or the trained medical professionals. The nuclear families are more common in the big metros. Also, the small-town people move to metros to search for better career opportunities and feel that their elders are left behind, many elderly people live in a gated society with minimum social interaction. They take care of their daily and medical needs either by themselves or the house attendants. The irregular support and follow-ups with the service providing parties make it unpleasant for the elderly people.

senior living communities in indiaThe concept of senior living communities in India fills this gap and provides support to the senior citizens and it is gradually growing in India. Senior living in India is about living in a community specially created for the senior citizens. It also refers the housing for the people who are senior citizens, independent and are leading an active life. These independent senior living communities in India have senior-friendly services and designs to make them comfortable along with social activities. Most communities also offer medical support and health care services to its residents.

How To Select A Senior Living Accommodation For Yourself?

Money life foundation organized a survey for 340 residents of retirement homes across India. The survey resulted with about 53% of the residents were not happy with the services and 61% were not satisfied with the medical facilities. Also, some of the retirement homes do not have an ambulance or wheelchair accessible areas and other the basic necessities to meet the criteria of senior independent living in India. Still, a large number of elderly people said that they recommend retirement homes over others because these problems can be taken care of with the proper rules and regulations.

Next, the retirement homes should adhere to the principles, guidelines, and norms designed by the Government of India. You should consider the following factors before lease out or purchase a senior living accommodation for yourself;

Independent senior living in India• Location: The independent senior living in India are mostly built in the city outskirts or a remote area. It helps you to provide a pollution-free environment. Still, the transportation availability and road connectivity are the most important aspects of selecting a location. It offers quick transportation in case of an emergency.

• Weather: At your age, one should consider the mild environment to settle down over the extreme weather conditions.

• Healthcare: You should search for retirement communities that offer medical services. If they do not offer this, then you must ensure that there is quick access to the reputed hospital.

• Facilities: The retirement home offer ramps and elevators, along with the wheelchair accessible area. Laundry services, 24*7 water and electricity supply, safety and security, recreation facilities, basic medical facilities, regular medical check-ups for the residents, etc.

• Builder’s reputation: The builder’s reputation is the most essential factor amongst all 5 factors, to select a retirement home. Land’s policy, approval from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), norms of the cooperative housing society, and RERA registration certificate of the property are the mandatory aspects to build a retirement housing community. Also, the retirement homes can only be sold after registration with the Real Estate Regulatory Authorities of that state or the union territory.

Schedule A Visit (CTA)

You should always consider reading the fine print in the documents related to your retirement homes. They offer a number of services, and since these are expensive and increases your overall cost. You should consider the project that offers all of the essential services within the campus, instead of concentrating over the luxuries and fancy fittings. Do your math before selecting the project, as the cost of the facilities will rise every year. As you would be using your lifetime savings, it is not recommended for you to look out for the projects that you can’t afford.Senior Independent Living in India

Visit the company’s other project for senior living and take the feedback of the residents. Also, you can rent out the property for a short duration to verify the facilities claimed by the builder. This will help you to make a decision.

What Are The Ways To Become A Part Of The Senior Independent living In India? 

Senior independent living in India projects are customized to the needs of the elder people. There are three financial models to become a part of it and you may choose from any of these.

• Buy: The units of the independent senior living in India are sold to the people who are 50 years or above. There are monthly charges for the maintenance services. Anyone can buy a unit, but only senior citizens are allowed to live in it.

• Payback model: You are required to make a deposit of about 60-70% of the unit’s sale value. The charges for food, electricity, water, maintenance, etc. are on actuals. The deposit charges are paid back to the beneficiary with some deductions at death or at the end of the lease.senior living communities in india

• Lease: You are required to make a small deposit while applying for a unit in the retirement homes and you would be charged a monthly rent for the unit (inclusive of water and electricity charges). The rest of the facilities like meals, healthcare, social activities, security, etc. are to be paid on actuals. The unit holder doesn’t require to pay the property tax.

Hope the above mentioned has cleared your doubts with regards to select a community of senior living in India. You should not take it lightly, perform thorough research before selecting the right type of facility. It has also been observed that it is easier for you to make friends and enjoy the community of the seniors when you are on the verge of retirement and active rather than when you are in the seventies. Therefore, if you are planning to move to the community of senior independent living in India, then you should start researching and plan well in advance.

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