Geriatric care in India

Geriatric care in India

Geriatric Care IndiaGeriatrics is specialized care for elderlies with different medical problems and complex issues. As people get older, they undergo a lot of changes like physical, identity, familial, emotional, and cognitive (mobility, memory, sleeping pattern, behavior, visual, and hearing impairment).

Elders suffering from cognitive challenges undergo serious personality changes; at this point, they need care and attention. When they are left unattended, most of them are gripped with overwhelming feelings of dejection, purposelessness; some of them may even turn violent. Even though many of us know that aging is a natural progression and it has its shortcoming, most of us tend to ignore this and resort to an unruly approach. In this situation, they need help and support from a specialized carer who can help the elderly to overcome all these conditions.

Benefits of Geriatric care

Through a detailed assessment, a caregiver can finalize the level of care and identify the assets that will be needed for the elderly. These resources play an important role in boosting the elderly’s physical health, mental health, and general well being.

Personalized careGeriatric Care India

Personalized care plays an important role in Geriatric care India. This makes sure that the care plan is planned as per the likes and dislikes of the elderly. Love, compassion, care, attention, and fulfillment of their needs can make a huge change in their life. It may lead the elderly to quick recovery and help maintain their health & good quality of life.

Care Plan

A Care Plan is very important for taking care of a resident in a facility. It includes some important components. They are as follows:

  • Communication: A pre-planned discussion can develop a good relationship between the caregiver and the elderly.
  • Activities play a big role in care management, for their physical and mental balance.
  • Personalized care plan based on preferences
  • Companionship
  • A hospital visit and hospitalization
  • Holistic Care

Importance of activities

Physical and memory activities can decrease the risk of multiple chronic and common illnesses (Like a stroke, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and Dementia), It improves the functioning of Immunity, which is very important in the elderly’s lives.

Common mistakes are seen in Geriatric careGeriatric Care India

  1. Never try to make them understand that their health issues are related to aging.
  2. Don’t make them feel that they are getting avoided in a group conversation. (family, friends, maybe in a group activity session)
  3. It’s always better to identify the problem earlier.
  4. Do not Fail in treating dementia on time.
  5. Follow and understand their likes and dislikes.
  6. Avoid arguments with them. It may lead to depression, anxiety, and agitation
  7. Enter into their world and understand what they need

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