Elder Day Care In India With A Difference

Elder Day Care In India With A Difference

Elder Day Care In indiaJagjeet Sharma, a 72-year-old retired Indian Army Major says that after getting retired from his job, he used to enjoy the company of his friends and usually spend time with them. However, after most of his friends passed away, there was nothing much to do for him except watching television at home. Major Sharma says, “I used to cope up with boredom at home. I even had a thought of moving to an old age home, but then my nephew suggested that I should check out an elder day care in India. It is an interesting concept. You can get yourself involved in multiple activities and keep yourself engaged, while your family members are at work.”

With the rise of elder day care centers in India, the family members and caregivers can have a breather in their pacing lives, while their parents are taken care by a trained professional and they get a chance to socialise, move out of the home and get involved into the fun activities.

Shweta Sharma, Director of Sales & Operations for NemaElder Care in Gurgaon, India says. “NemaElder Care is India’s first CCRH (Continued Care Retirement Home/ Housing) with the tailormade care plans to suit everyone’s need, we cater to elder’s personal choices, preferences, medical conditions, and their changing needs by maintaining their dignity, independence, privacy, safety and Security. We came up with the idea of having a day care facility especially for the older generation post finding out that most of the people are not in favor of keeping their parents in old age homes. Our services make social support system accessible to the senior citizens in every sense, it starts from taking them out for a walk or simply by sharing their interests.

Elder Day Care In indiaIt Is Convenient And Feasible For The Working Professionals

Ridhima Kaul, a 32-year-old Manager in BPO “My father is 68 years old and he stays with me. Since it is only both of us staying together, there is no extra person in the house who can look after him when I am out for work. A colleague of mine told me about the day care centers that take care of the senior citizens while their family members are away or at work. The best part about these day care centers is that they can also provide the day care at home if the senior citizen does not wish to visit the center”

Care In The Form Of Company

According to Riju Jose, who works as a professional caregiver and attendant in Nema, an elder day care center in India, caring for the senior citizens is not a tough task at all. Riju mentions, “There are always a higher number of the senior citizens who just wish that someone accompanies them to take out for a walk, assist them with the shopping and groceries, or sip a cup of tea while listening to their stories.”

Elder Care Also Comes Home

Elder Day Care In indiaLet us discuss the activities that keep senior citizens engaged in, 69 years old Romila Sharma says, “My children leave for work around 8 in the morning. I am old enough, hence I cannot go outside all by myself. I would sleep the entire day and end up getting bored. A relative of mine mentioned that she gets accompanied by a volunteer until her children come back. I also got myself enrolled in a day care program and now I am accompanied by a 27 years old young girl. She comes home, chat with me, play board games and sometimes we even go out for the movies! I am enjoying my weekdays with her from every morning 9 to evening 6. We also experiment in the kitchen by trying our hands on new and interesting recipes.”

Elder day care in India is a very important step to minimise the social isolation for the senior citizens and to create a happy and independent environment for them.

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