Dementia Home Care Centre’s – What makes them the need of the hour?

Dementia Home Care Centre’s – What makes them the need of the hour?

We often hear the term ‘dementia,’ and we all know what it means in layman terms – loss of memory. But if we get deeper into it, dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning and behavioral abilities, thinking, recalling, and thought process, to such an extent that it works by interfering with the daily activities of an individual. Now when we say interference with daily activities, we must know the extremes of these activities. It could be general forgetfulness and confusion that leads to agitation in mild cases. However, in the more severe cases, simple tasks such as sitting and holding one’s head up become impossible. Over 50 million people worldwide have dementia, and every year there are almost 10 million new cases. In India, 5.3 million people over the age of 60 are expected to have dementia in 2020. According to the Dementia in India 2020 report, this is equivalent to one in 27 individuals. Regrettably, most dementia patients in India live with their families, who are, in fact, unaware of their underlying condition till it gets worse. And what do they do when they realize they have a case of dementia in their family, well, most families can’t afford treatment, so they let it be. 

Dementia deprives the individual not only of his memory and identity but also sometimes of his integrity. According to Dementia’s 2020 report in India, social stigma, lack of proper services, inability to access available services; all make the physical, psychological and financial hardships of families worse. 

All of this leads people to wonder when it’s the “right time” to move someone into a Dementia Care Community. There’s no official “perfect moment, it’s probably BEEN time if you think about it”. Typically, families wait way too long to move anyone. And there is no harm in moving your loved one to a dementia care community close to you as long as you do not discard them. In Indian society, this might be looked down upon, but practically if you are not able to give proper care that the patient actually deserves because you are so caught up in your own work-life, then this is the fair and right thing to do. If you notice any of the following in your loved one may be a Dementia Care Centre is what you should consider!

  1. Engaging activities that meet their needs. Your loved one benefits from social interaction with people at his or her own cognitive level. What matters most is the fact that your loved one would really benefit from fun.
  2. At home, even though you take good care of your loved one, he or she wakes up… a lot. You’re not asleep, and neither is your loved one. This is not a healthy cycle to be in, and Care Centres, where the workers are 24/7 awake and ready, will really help him or her.
  3. When they’re staying with you, you can’t get much done and fulfill their basic needs. It’s not about you being selfish- it’s just that you have your own life and are busy making it. You are living in the 21st century for what it matters. What would be selfish is you continue neglecting them by making them stay with you and not check up on their needs when you know you can give them a better life.
  4. They are at a high elopement risk, especially when you are not around and left unattended. Being “at home” doesn’t mean anything if that person doesn’t understand where they are.

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