Dementia Care Centre’s – What They Should Offer!

Have you wondered what your loved one’s opinion would be on moving them? Would they like it more there? How do you know whether it’s the best fit? It’s rather hard to ask someone living with dementia what their perspective on the subject is. Will it make them happy if you were to move them? Would it be more secure? “I want to go home” is a common phrase from someone living with dementia. There’s still a feeling that, where they are, they’re not where they should be. Certain requirements have to be kept in mind when we are sending our loved ones away. We must convince them they are going to a safe place because safety is all that matters. Following are the questions you might want to ask yourself before considering a ‘home’ for your loved one.

  • Is it secure? We need to ensure, for them and you, that where they live is safe. Does their ‘home’ have way, way too many stairs? Will not the assisted living building keep track of their comings and goings?
  • Do they have friendly people around them to socialize? How is the staff? These are the people your loved one is going to live with. 
  • Remember, even after they start living there, you will have to keep visiting them to check if they are happy where they are. Do they seem happy, generally?
  • Very important. Are they getting the right nutrition? Not just food, but water. Are they eating and drinking enough? This, too, is something you will know over a period of weeks.
  • What are the recreational activities that will keep your loved one busy throughout the day? Many individuals living in care groups with dementia have such a tough time “keeping up.” They don’t know what to do when, or how. Their level of need is much higher than the population for which independent living has been built.

Dementia Care Centres are a different perspective for our country because, as Indians, there are certain things we need to look beyond. It is a difficult idea to ‘sell’ though it’s the right one. Most people would find it easier to trust their daily helpers who are untrained in aspects of elderly care over care centers that are meant for this. Dementia care homes in Delhi, for instance, NEMA ElderCare, have all the facilities where your loved ones can be well cared for, and you can visit them from time to time. It also offers a security camera view for you to keep a check on your loved ones to their parents’ health and wellbeing. 

It would be detrimental to the health and welfare to keep patients with dementia while you are busy with your job and life since they have their own expectations. Dementia home care facilities in India can help to overcome this issue and help them. Instead of trauma and tension, it will help them spend their remaining time in peace and tranquillity.

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