An Empty Nest

An Empty Nest

Luxury Old Age Home Delhi NCRChildren grow up fast. It seemed just yesterday that I was playing with my kids’ soft small hands and here they are, tall and big, ready to leave home. I have always been chasing after them to study and whatnot. Working hard to earn bread and butter, overcoming the many challenges life threw at me, time just sped past. I never rested or looked back. Now at the age of 64, a senior citizen, I just don’t know how I will bear the loss of my children leaving their home. It feels as if someone is squeezing my heart. What do I do? I cannot live like this.

Everything in my home reminds me of them. Their pictures, their euphoric laughter still ringing in my ears, these ever-present and unfading memories do not let me rest. I just miss them so much. I cannot live like this. I need friends to spend my time with, for I don’t have those chubby hands and glowing cheeks to play with anymore. Their smile was all that I looked forward to every day.

I am retired and worried if they can take care of themselves. They have never stayed alone. We always wanted to make them independent but somewhere deep down in our hearts, we never desired them to be. Giving independence would make them leave us. We thought that they depended on us but never realized that it was not them. It was always us, me and my wife, that depended on them.

It’s an empty nest that we stay in now, all alone worried about our children and our safety. We have started visiting temples all the more often, loitering in markets for small items, talking to one and all. We crave for a bit of respect; a front seat in society meeting will do. Chai wallah (tea seller) in the corner shop is a friend now. I never gave him a second look while I was driving to the office in my car. I guess that I am very sad & depressed.Luxury Old Age Home Delhi NCR

This is the story for one and all, a generation that turned nuclear. We earned enough, enough for ourselves as well as enough to fulfill the basic needs of next-generation too for times to come. We left our homes in our twenties and never looked back. Our parents took care of themselves and now it’s our turn. We are lonely, very very lonely.

Google tells me that it’s called Empty Nest Syndrome and I must take action.

I should shift to a Luxury Old Age Home in Delhi NCR with my better half. At this age, we don’t want to deal with hassles of managing home, looking for housemaids who abscond on one pretext or another. We have earned, earned enough to manage our lives.

Our health is not improving anymore. I already make ample rounds to doctors, labs, and pharma for medicines. Very often, we forget our medications. It’s a full regime that we must follow. Remembering so many medicines, their doses and time are difficult. We can barely read very small text written over medicines. Varied colors and shapes of each pill help but then we have to remember it. I hope we could get some assistance.

Will it help if I move to a Luxury Old Age Home in Delhi NCR, where we get attendants who can take care of all medications, get my checkups done on time, and arrange my doctors’ appointments?

Luxury Old Age Home Delhi NCRWe wish to enjoy these years of our lives, travel as much as we can though we know it could be risky. We wish to contribute to society, read or listen to as many books. Now, we hear there are audio books too. In our yesteryear, we could not take time out for reading and our eyes don’t support reading those small texts anymore. We wish to bath in the winter sun, hear chirping birds every morning, would love to do a bit of gardening, talk to plants, tend and see them grow.

We are here and should be here for about 10 or more years. I know one of us will leave early, leave earlier to arrange the place for the following one in heaven! Left alone, she or I will become very lonely. We need friends that care. I guess shifting to a Luxury Old Age Home in Delhi NCR will help.

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