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Boutique in nature & high on service, NEMA care homes are based on 3 C’s: Comfort of your home, Care of a hospital, and Conviviality of a resort.
Based on the ‘Age in place’ concept, these star elder-homes, operated by experienced professionals, offer high quality of life and reduce the loneliness of seniors by nurturing community living and caring for them in need & sickness.

Hear From Our Family

Our Happy Residents

Nemacare was recommended to us by our family friend whose mother was living at Nemacare’s assisted living Gurgaon. We decided to place our aunt as she needed constant due to dementia. Our experience so far has been very pleasant. Our aunt has shown a lot of improvement ever since. We are grateful to the staff of Nemacare for doing such a good job.
Anu Chauhan

Mrs. Anu Chauhan

Nemacare’s assisted living Gurgaon is a one of a kind place for elderly care. My aunt and uncle both have been living there ever since their children migrated to the US. They are keeping very well and all their medical needs are being fulfilled better than expected. All thanks to the trained nurses and staff.
Mr Prince Pranav

Mr. Prince Pranav

My father has been living at Nemacare’s assisted living Gurgaon for two years now. After suffering from Alzheimer's, we decided to put him in a senior care facility. I must say, Nemacare has outdone themselves. Their facility is clean, well-coordinated and the nurses and other staff members are extremely professional. We are really grateful to them for everything they’ve done to help my father.
Mr Manisha khatri

Mrs. Manisha Khatri

Nema Eldercare is the finest old age home for assisted living in Gurgaon. They made us very comfortable in this senior living community by maintaining the satisfaction levels up to our expectations.
Mrs Rachna Singh

Mrs. Rachna Singh

My wife and I both are 70+ and our children stay abroad. It was becoming very difficult for both of us to stay alone in a multi-storeyed building. Also, the house help was irregular. We had a discussion with our children and moved to Nemacare. The assisted living in Gurgaon in a peaceful environment is all we wanted for ourselves and got one.
Mr Anurag Jain

Mr. Anurag Jain

Nema eldercare’s assisted living Gurgaon has shown us a way to improve the quality of life for our parents. Nema’s trained professional staff for healthcare and caregivers is taking good care of them. Thank you Nema!
Mr Prince Pranav

Mr. Akash