Frequently Asked Questions(Basic)

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  • What is an elder care home?
    Elder care home is specially designed home for the senior people who are either alone or away from their children and need assistance in their daily activities. The focus is to improve the quality of life and to reduce the loneliness of the seniors
  • What are facilities offered?
    NEMA offers air-conditioned rooms with heaters, round the clock power back and water supply, Antiskid floor in all rooms and washrooms, grab bars and handlebars support in washroom, corridors and stairs, lush green surroundings etc.
  • Is this area safe for seniors?
    Our premises are completely safe for the seniors, it is secured by the guards and CCTV cameras.
  • How trained is your staff?
    We have a team of experienced eldercare experts in healthcare led by the clinical manager.
  • What is an Assisted Living Home? How is it different from an old age home?
    Assisted living homes (ALH) are different from old age homes. Here we welcome residents who need help with their daily activities, have nursing needs or have dementia. ALH has residents who need high levels of care & attention, it is a step below a nursing home.
  • When was NEPL started?
    The NEPL was registered in 2016. Combined experience of professionals in NEPL exceeds 50 years.
  • What is NEPL philosophy of care?
    We follow a person-centric approach in care which means, we have individualized care plans for each resident depending on their diagnosis, health condition & engagement needs. We use evidence-based methods based on the current best practices & research in the industry. Care is done in a home environment.
  • Are there any visiting hours?
    We have an open-door policy. Family members can visit during regular hours. However, we recommend that family members observe, instead of actively participating in routine activities. This allows NEPL caregivers to build their rapport with the residents. Prior scheduling is appreciated to cause minimum disruption of senior’s disciplined & healthy routine.
  • Are family members allowed to stay overnight with the resident?
    Stay of family members, within premises, is not encouraged for resident’s own welfare. It may be a cause of concern, as we have observed that seniors with dementia take time to readjust after a night stay by a family member. The stay may also disturb the routine of your loved one and other residents.
  • What are the basic amenities provided in the room?
    Each room has an attached washroom and a private or shared balcony as per the location of the room. It is furnished with a double or extra wide single box bed with side tables, an easy armchair or sofa chairs, a coffee table, T.V.Unit or bookrack, 2 or 3 door full height wardrobes. Designer comfy sofas are also provided in each luxury room. Rooms are equipped with smart LED TV, Split air conditioners & oil heaters.


  • What does NEPL’s care include?
    Our care includes:
    • 24 X 7 care attendant (day & night shifts) and nursing care
    • Medication Management
    • Emergency medical response procedures
    • Full ADL support (bathing, feeding, transferring, help with activities, etc.)
    • Streamlined paperwork and reporting on each resident.
    • Home-cooked nutritious meals keeping individual restrictions/requirements in mind.
    • Full housekeeping (including cleaning and laundry)
    • Daily activities including occupational therapy, music, games and social events
  • What does the service fee include when it comes to basic nursing care?
    NEPL provides 24X7 Nurse cover. Nursing team stays within premises. Most of the basic nursing care requirements are done in-house and are part of the service fee. This includes:
    • Medication Management
    • Diabetes Management (Sugar charting, Insulin administration)
    • Diaper and Bedsore Management
    • Catheter Management
    • Administering IV/IM Drugs
    • Regular Vitals checkup & monitoring
    • Ryle’s tube feeding
    • All emergency care- Oxygen administration, CPR, suctioning
  • What is the staffing and how well are they trained?
    We have nursing staff who are certified and then trained in-house in geriatrics and dementia care. NEPL home is operated by a live-in Clinical Manager who is also a senior nurse with administrative experience. There is staffing round the clock, so all residents get 24X7 care apart from addressing emergencies.
  • What is the staffing ratio? What kind of training do you provide?
    We have 3 levels of care; Basic, Medium and High. The staffing ratio is based on care requirement of the elderly. We provide 15-day internal training program for all staff. Their performance is reviewed every month.
  • What are the types of activities planned at NEPL home?
    The activities are planned depending on each person’s abilities. In general, we engage residents in:
    • Daily games & activities
    • Park visit & gardening.
    • Occupational Therapy twice a week
    • Yoga & meditation session with experts
    • Volunteer visits
    • Music sessions with instruments & karaoke
    • Movie screenings
    • Birthday parties every month
    • Group lunches and celebrations
    • Outings (Both group and individual)
  • Please explain emergency response?
    We have all emergency protocols in place including medical, fire & fall. The team is well equipped to manage emergencies.
  • Can I personalize the room and bring my own furniture?
    Each room within the NEMA home comes with a theme. It has been furnished with designer furniture just apt for space & usage. We encourage personalization with resident's furnishings, artifacts & picture frames. We can accept any special piece of furniture that the resident is emotionally attached to if it can be accommodated.
  • Are there any visiting hours?
    We have an open-door policy. Family members can visit during regular hours. However, we recommend that family members observe, instead of actively participating in routine activities. This allows NEPL caregivers to build their rapport with the residents. Prior scheduling is appreciated to cause minimum disruption of senior’s disciplined & healthy routine.


  • How does the pricing work?
    Our pricing depends on 4 aspects: (a) Duration of stay you opt for: Short term or Long term (b) Levels of care required (c) Type of room: Single, Double or Twin sharing (d) Kind of room Single occupancy is when one senior resides in their room. Double occupancy is when two related seniors share one room (e.g., husband & wife, siblings). Twin sharing is when a senior shares a room with another senior who may not be related. While stay period between 1 to 10 months is considered short term, more than 11-month stay is considered a long term sign up. We have 4 kinds of rooms that you can choose from Superior, Deluxe, Luxury, and Luxury Suite. The pricing for each category is confirmed after the process of medical assessment where our nursing manager meets the elderly in person (if in Delhi/ NCR) or else on a video call which is a must to see & assess their condition. Levels of care are decided after the process of medical assessment by our nursing team and getting all the medical details with documents of the elderly. 
  • What is the process of admission?
    We have an easy and simple admission process for you. Our team will assist you in every step.
    • Step 1: Please fill the contact information form
    • Step 2: Please visit us to see our work in action!
    • Step 3: Share the medical documents of your loved one
    • Step 4: Medical assessment
    • Step 5: Residency agreement
    • Step 6: Booking deposit
    • Step 7: Logistics and plan to move in
    • Step 8: Welcome to NEMA home
  • What is the security deposit and petty cash amount?
    The security deposit is Rs 200,000 per resident. It is a one time fee that is refundable and utilized in case of a medical emergency.
    The petty-cash is of Rs 25,000 per resident. All other requirements such as medicines, physiotherapy, lab charges, special meals, consumables, travel are billed separately from petty cash. It is required to top up if the balance amount goes below Rs 15,000.
  • What is the process and mode of payment?
    On the 20th of every month, one will be required to make the payments for the next month.
    Mode of payments can be:
    • Cheque
    • Online transfer (NEFT/RTGS)
    • Draft
  • What if my parent passes away after I have booked the room?
    In this unfortunate situation, if the prospective resident passes away before the move in, then the complete booking amount will be refunded.
  • How does the invoicing work in case of death?
    In case of death, the fee for the entire month is charged. The full and final settlement of the account will be done within 90 working days.
  • What if I am not happy with the services and want to move out?
    The NEPL team assures and always strives to make improvements to provide the best care to their residents. We encourage your inputs to make NEPL home, a better place for your loved one. Even after discussions and trials, one still feels to opt-out of NEPL, then it is requested to serve the notice period as per contract.


  • What kind of food do you provide?
    We serve nutritious Indian meals in all our homes. It includes snacks, fruits, beverages, desserts, food for festivals & special celebrations etc. tailored for individual needs.
  • What special meals are billed?
    We do quite a lot of customization in the menu since each resident has specific needs and this is not billed.
    Ex: We serve non-veg food twice a week, But, if a resident demand to have more, then it is charged extra, as it will be procured & prepared by the kitchen team only for that particular resident. Any particular food/ fruit/ juices procured specifically for a resident (as a personal choice or because it is prescribed) outside of the regular menu is billed separately.
    E.g.: if someone needs a specific fruit every day then that is charged extra.
  • How are food and special nutrition managed?
    When the resident checks in, we take their preferences from their family members, resident’s doctors, and the resident themselves. When they live with us, we figure out what’s best for them in terms of taste and nutrition. Then with the help of nutritionists and chefs, we try to design the best suitable diet. Sometimes it’s interesting to see how much we discover about their preferences


  • What is your death protocol?
    The empaneled physician will be called to do further proceedings. Simultaneously, the team members will contact the primary point of contact with the resident.
  • How do you handle death in absence of a family member?
    In case of an unfortunate situation where the resident passes away within the facility; we will keep the body in the mobile mortuary in the room for 48 hours in case of a single room till the family members arrive, In twin sharing room, we will arrange for the mobile mortuary and will have to keep the body outside the facility possibly in the crematorium.

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